The Dallas Magic Academy Returns to Teach the Innovative “Discover Magic” Program Allen Parks & Recreation Summer Camps

Discover Magic is an innovative national educational program specially designed to teach communication skills and other positive life skills to 5 through 12-year-old young people through the process of learning to perform magic. The Dallas Magic Academy has been named the exclusive presenter of The Discover Magic course in the DFW Metroplex. They have announced that Allen Parks & Recreation Dept. will be one of the sites with classes running throughout the year.  Classes will be led by Dal and Cinde Sanders and the Dallas Magic Academy instructors.

 Allen – The Edge at Allen Station Park – 201 St Mary Dr, Allen, TX 75002

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Discover Magic Orange Wand

Offered — July 31- August 4 – 9:00am-12:00pm – ages 7-12

Discover Magic Green Wand

Offered — June 5-9– 1:00pm-4:00pm – ages 7-12

Description of the courses being offered… 

Learn how to read people’s minds, make money appear out of nowhere and travel through time with a magic bandanna just to name a few. In this course students will not only learn the 8 basic effects that make up all magic tricks, but more importantly they will discover the real secrets to becoming a true magician as each lesson reveals an important life skill to help build their confidence and communication skills. 

Learn how to teleport objects across the room, find hidden magical treasures or levitate a cup of popcorn. In this course students will learn the three parts that make up a magic trick with a special focus on presentation, but more importantly they will discover the real secrets to becoming a true magician as each lesson reveals an important life skill to help build their confidence and communication skills.

Learn how to cut a lady in half, give your friends superhero powers and make invisible objects appear in a magic pencil pouch just to name a few.  In this course students will learn 8 secrets of magic principles and will discover the real secrets to becoming a true magician as each lesson reveals an important life skill to help build their confidence and communication skills. 

Learn how to move objects with your mind, make a monkey appear and operate a time machine. In this course students will learn the different types of magic from dinner table tricks to stage illusions. Custom Magic Tricks include UFO Block, Monkey Madness, Time Machine, Gold Rush, Super Hero Gloves, Trick-E Pen, Dino Dig and Mystery Mailer. Throughout the program we teach 8 traits of a true magician. A magician is: Respectful, Prepared, Enthusiastic, Confident, Humble, Creative, Authentic, and Giving. The real “magic trick” is that your kids are learning real life skills – while not even realizing it! This will change their future!

The Dallas Magic Academy presents two different Magic Explorers courses — Magic Explorers (FROG) & Magic Explorers (OWL). Developed for students ages 5-7 years old. Have fun, make friends, feel special, and have something exciting to look forward to. The focus is on magic, fun, and learning. The magic makes the fun happen; the fun makes the learning easy. We will create our own magic with crafts, practice, demonstration, and fun. All props and materials are provided and by the end of class, each student will have the knowledge and ability to perform their tricks for their friends and family. The props that you will make and receive are quality products and will last for years of fun and entertainment. Each course features different props, lessons and principles of magic. They are not progressive. You can take these Magic Explorers courses in any order.

What your child gets from discovering magic...

These life changing programs build self-confidence and helps to develop critical communication skills in a fun and unique way that is guaranteed to unlock your child’s potential and impact the rest of their life. Each course comes with custom magic props, top-secret file folders full of incredible magic with everyday objects, and secret words that unlock bonus videos in an online video vault.

About Dal and Cinde Sanders, The Founders of The Dallas Magic Academy…

Dal Sanders has been studying and performing the art of magic as a full time professional for almost forty years and has performed across the United States and overseas in China, Portugal, The United Kingdom, Mexico and Brazil. He has headlined his own illusion shows and shared the stage with many of entertainment’s top acts. His wife Cinde, is also an award-winning performing magician and has been entertaining children and families for over 25 years. ...Read more.